Menthol Virginia Tobacco NET Concentrate


Menthol Virginia Tobacco NET Concentrate

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Menthol Virginia Tobacco
NET Concentrate flavouring

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Naturally Extracted Menthol

Unlike many menthol concentrates, ours uses naturally extracted menthol (by cold maceration).

Virginia Tobacco Leaf

Virginia is the number one tobacco variety in popularity in the world today, Invented in Virginia, USA, where it is still grown today, about 65% of America’s total tobacco output is Virginia. Virginia is by far the mildest of all the different types of tobacco and has the highest levels of natural dextrose (sugar), which gives Virginia its unique sweetness. As a result, Virginia is used in all types of tobacco blends, including cigarettes, rolling tobacco, and pipe blends.

Flue Curing

The Virginia Tobacco Leaf is cured in an enclosed area which is heated but does not come into contact with any smoke. The end result is a tobacco high in sugar content with a very bright yellow colour, hence the name Bright Leaf.

No Artificial flavourings.

We do not add any artificial flavourings to our concentrates!

Available in 10ml plastic bottles, larger sizes to follow soon.

Suggested mixing Ratio: 8-15%

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10ml, 30ml, 60ml