Cavendish Pipe Tobacco NET Concentrate


Cavendish Pipe Tobacco NET Concentrate

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Cavendish Pipe Blend Tobacco
NET Concentrate flavouring

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Cavendish Tobacco refers to tobacco that has been heat treated with fire or steam and then subjected to heavy pressure in order to produce a sweet taste with a moist texture.

Our British Cavendish, commonly known as unsweetened or unflavoured Cavendish brings out the natural sugars in the tobacco through pressure applied during the preparation process.

Cold Extraction Process 

After leaf selection, our master blenders cold macerate the tobacco leaf blend for between 5-9 weeks, stirring them daily to ensure a full-bodied flavour.

We then use an 8 stage natural filtration process to remove all the tobacco leaf from the final liquid concentrate.

No Artificial flavourings.

We do not add any artificial flavourings to our concentrates!

Available in 10ml plastic bottles, larger sizes to follow soon.

Suggested mixing Ratio: 15-30%

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10ml, 30ml, 60ml